Friday, September 23, 2016

Pueblo West Quilters Meeting: October 3rd

Pueblo West Quilters will meet October 3rd @ 7pm @ the Majestic Baptist Church, 494 E. Hemlock, Pueblo West. 

Program: Lori Davis on Embellishing Quilts. 
Fat Qtr: Black on Black. 
Tips: Fall Cruises. 
Prez Block: 10” sq. tone on tone fabric in an autumn color. 

BOM:  X Plus Quilt Block (This illustrates a 10.5" square whereas PWQ's BOM is 13" square unfinished.)

Also, this is a scrappy block so use as many fabrics as you want, remember to go for the contrast between the background, the X, & the +.

Corner X Units:
4: 5.5" x 5.5"
Background fabric:  4: 3" x 3"

Center cross:
1: 8" x 3" & 2: 3" x 3"
Background fabric:  4: 3" x 3"