Friday, December 30, 2011


Volume 13, Number 1                                                                                                            January, 2012                                                                 

for the January 9, 2012 meeting

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Please note that the January meeting of the Pueblo West Quilters has been changed from the first Monday (January 2nd) to the second Monday of January 9th due to the closeness of the Holidays.  Same place and same time - Gabby's Diner, doors open at 6:30pm, meeting starts at 7:00pm.  With five Mondays in the month of January this year, the Executive Board wanted more organizational time to start the year off right.

On behalf of the new 2012 Board, we'd like to thank the out-going 2011 Board for all the hard work they did in 2011.  It was a busy and fun year.  The Christmas Party was the icing on the cake, so to speak, to end the year with a flourish. 

The 2012 Board is excited to work with members and guests, new and old, at the January 9th meeting which is traditionally our LUV Quilt Worknight.  Directions for what to bring to the meeting were passed out at the December meeting and will also follow this Newsletter.  As a reminder, the following ladies volunteered to bring their sewing machines: Patsy Morris, Mary Richardson, Mari Pretzer, Sandy McDonald, Chris Magan.  Also Vicki Becker and Patty Dunnington volunteered to bring ironing boards and irons.  Everyone needs to bring at least one fat quarter in pastels or juvenile prints (or more if you like) cut according to the directions, and cutting tools.  It will be a surprise how this will all come together.  Call me at 547-8476 if you have questions.

As with any new board, there will be changes and one change that you need to know will begin at this January 9th meeting.  We will no longer have refreshments supplied by the Board or any volunteers.  The organization is just getting too big to include refreshment time and still devote the amount of time everyone wants for enjoying Sew N Share and the programs.  So, if you have to have something to drink, (or eat) bring it.  Remember we now have PWQ travel mugs for purchase and you can bring whatever beverage you want to last you through the meeting. 

We'll have new sign up sheets at the meeting for the various committees, so please consider helping the club by volunteering for at least one thing during the year so no one has such a heavy load.  The 2012 Board has lots of ideas for the year and we are always open to any ideas from the rest of the membership, so please let us know what you need and want to make PWQ YOUR club. 

Remember to bring money to pay your annual dues of $25.00 (guests are $3.00.)  Also funds for in-house drawing, PWQ pens, pins or mugs, and/or Fons & Porter Love of Quilting subscription ($20.00), your red/white/black Block-of-the-Month square (and one in red/white/blue for Wounded Warriors) of which the directions for were passed out at the Dec. meeting and will follow this Newsletter.  We will be having a BOM every month, and Evie Sheldon will be presenting the February BOM at the January 9th meeting. If you completed anything new, please bring it for Sew N Share.

See you Monday, January 9th at 7:00pm.  May 2012 bring you lots of bright fabric and may your sewing machine hum along smoothly all year.

Katya Holen, 2012 PWQ President

 Now for the Statistics, Checklist, Upcoming Events, etc., etc., etc., etc.,


LUV Quilts 2011:
___ newly donated _67_ YTD

LUV Pillowcases 2011:
_2__ newly donated _37_ YTD

Wounded Warrior Quilts 2011:
___newly donated _18_ YTD

Member’s _42_ (includes – new members)
Visitors & Non Members_4__

__Fabric as per Worknight handout at Dec. Meeting
(see attachment)
 __Block of the Month for Jan
(red, black & white & Wounded Warrior)
 __Wounded Warrior Block
 __Fat Quarter
(Red, White and Black (all 3 or just 2 - no solids- for Jan)
 __Drawing Funds for Quilt
 __LUV Quilts
 __LUV Pillowcases
 __Sew and Share Items

       PWQ January Meeting                                             Jan 9th
      PWQ Executive Board Meets                                    TBA