Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tips: Index Card & Starting Paper

The Index card has 1/4-inch lines. Use them to determine the extension of the dog-ear points when sewing two angled edges together. Mark the obtuse angle piece on the index card if you're stitching multiple pieces. Keep the index card by your sewing machine for quick assembly line piecing.

In the following sample, I used bias binding fabrics. (For the sharp detectives, the black fabric is flipped because I don't have to worry about angles on the same fabric when attaching the binding. 🙂 )

Notice the 1/4" extension of the dog-ears on both ends.

Tip: Use paper instead of fabric scraps when starting/ending a seam to save on thread & keep it a no-rat's-nest zone.   And, if the paper accidentally gets under the fabrics, you can tear away the paper.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Pueblo West Quilters Meeting: October 3rd

Pueblo West Quilters will meet October 3rd @ 7pm @ the Majestic Baptist Church, 494 E. Hemlock, Pueblo West. 

Program: Lori Davis on Embellishing Quilts. 
Fat Qtr: Black on Black. 
Tips: Fall Cruises. 
Prez Block: 10” sq. tone on tone fabric in an autumn color. 

BOM:  X Plus Quilt Block (This illustrates a 10.5" square whereas PWQ's BOM is 13" square unfinished.)

Also, this is a scrappy block so use as many fabrics as you want, remember to go for the contrast between the background, the X, & the +.

Corner X Units:
4: 5.5" x 5.5"
Background fabric:  4: 3" x 3"

Center cross:
1: 8" x 3" & 2: 3" x 3"
Background fabric:  4: 3" x 3"


Saturday, September 3, 2016

September 12th: Pueblo West Quilters General Meeting

REMINDER: September’s Meeting will be the second Monday of the month on September 12, 2016.
Enjoy Labor Day with family & friends.


September 12th General Meeting Program: Santa’s Coming to Town! Elves, Time to Get Busy!

Sue Longsdorf has been making quilts using her own quilt as you go technique called
||: Serge, Flip, & Quilt :||© since 1992. She will present a variety of samples using your serger to make quick gifts for family and friends.

But, knowing Sue, things will happen, so come join the merriment of creative quilting using the serger.
No serger? No worries! All projects are sewing machine friendly.

Bring a stapler, paper, & a pen/pencil.

What's Happening in September?

Sew Day:  September 10, 2016:
||: Serge, Flip, & Quilt :||© a Braided Table Runner
Meeting Program: September 12, 2016: 
||: Serge, Flip, & Quilt :||© your Holiday Gifts
BOM:  Bernie Villanueva
Fat Qtr: Fall
TT&T: Back to School

August’s Block of the Month
54-40 or Fight Block:

For instructions & video directions, here’s the website: