Monday, August 24, 2009

We have moved

Greetings Quilters,
Just a reminder to all of you WE HAVE MOVED!!! Meeting September 14,
2009 will be at the Solid Ground Restaurant, 412 S McCulloch Blvd in
Pueblo West. If you are coming from the  West on HWY 50 turn right at McCulloch stop
light, go past the Vectra bank( on your left,) past Deli Dave's( on
your left), there will be a row of connected businesses on your
left, Solid Ground will be the first you will see, ( on your left),
you can park in the back or the front.
If you are coming  from the East on HWY 50 turn left at the McCulloch stop light
then follow directions above.

The Sept. meeting will be a work night. Bring your machines if you
wish. I will be giving a Demo on how to trace your enlarged picture
for the Silhouette quilts. Supply list will be emailed to you around
or after Labor Day.

Have a good Labor Day weekend.
Our President Mary will be presiding at the Sept meeting.

Vice President-Patsy

Pueblo West Quilter's

Secretary's Report

August 4, 2009

 Vice President Patsy Morris called the meeting to order at 7:00pm at
the Ecumenical Church of Pueblo West. Patsy was filling in for Mary
due to out of state guests. Patsy welcomed members and three guests:
Roberta Gonzales, Marcia St. Clair, and Sandra Barringer.

Secretary Report: A copy was sent out by email, postal mail, and can
be found on our blog: Motion to
approve was made by Judy and 2nd by Katya.

 Treasurer's Report: Vicki reported a balance of $2,134.98. Motion to
approve was made by Sue and 2nd by Evie.

 Old Business:

A new location for the PWQ meeting has been found by Mary and Patsy-
Solid Ground Restaurant located at 412 S Mcculloch Blvd. The owner
will not charge a rental fee in return that PWQ patronage the business
(please mention that you are a member of PWQ).

There is a large banquet room that holds up to 100 people. There are
tables and chairs already available and electrical outlets. The
kitchen will NOT be available, so refreshments need to be cookies or
such and drinks (keep simple). The board members would like to donate
$25/month for September, October, and November to the restaurant.
Monday nights are available for our meeting.

A vote was conducted for approval of new location- Majority voted in
favor of new location.

A vote was also conducted for the meeting to return to Monday nights-
Majority voted in favor for meetings to return to Monday nights.

A vote was also conducted to move the time to 6:30 or to keep at 7:00-
Majority voted to keep the meeting time at 7:00pm.

 Patsy informed everyone that the September meeting will be held at
7:00pm Monday September 14th(due to Labor day) at the Solid Ground

 Patsy informed everyone that we will still be donating the quilt to
the Ecumenical Church due to the fact that we have been at the church
for almost a year and have not been paying any rent. The quilt was
presented to members after it had been quilted by Mari Pretzer.

The silent auction will still be at the Ecumenical Church Saturday,
October 24th.

 Vicki informed members that the Fon's & Porter magazine is still
offering the renew/buy subscriptions where $5 goes to the guild.

 Christmas Committee: The committee explained to members the plans for
the party:

Party will be at Rosario's Restaurant 2930 N Elizabeth on Dec 1st,
2009. Dinner will be at 6:30, can arrive at 6:00pm. Members who would
like to attend are asked to pay $7.50, Guest fee $22.00. Please RSVP
and pay Vicki. The committee also presented in lieu of the voluntary
gift exchange, Members who would like to participate, make up a
favorite table runner kit (around $20), print pattern and buy the
fabric needed for the kit.

 New Business:

Patsy ask for volunteers-need 3, for the Nominating Committee for 2010
Board. Katya, Alta, and Jeanne volunteered. They will be getting in
touch with all members to see who is interested.

President Mary will be back in September

The September program will be provided by Patsy demo Silhouette
technique/ Sew night for silent auction items

Fat 1/4 drawing for September will be purples and lavenders

 BOM: Presented for Mary by Patsy and Crystal
Simple 9-patch done in red, white, and black- 3 1/2 squares. Colors
can be in any random pattern.

 Pick 2 Challenge:
Crystal presented the "pick 2" challenge to members. Member who wanted
to participate were asked to pick 2 crayon colors from a bag. Those
two colors must be used in a item that must not exceed 30" X 30".
Members may also use black and/or white. Rules and instructions were
also passed out. A viewer's choice prize will be given.

Fat 1/4- 24 kid's prints- Rachel;Name tag- Joann;BOM- 16 Indian mat blocks- Jennifer;In-house- Renee, Janet, Crystal

 LUV Quilts:


Alta- Grand Champion blue bonnet quilt;Vicki- snow ball, baby quilt, purple star quilt;Patsy-baby quilt, baby fairy quilt, antique quilt;Janet- Wounded Warriors quilt;Crystal- 3 stooges quilt, rwb quilt, pillowcase;Charlotte-paper pieced table topper;Jennifer-grandmother's cross stitch quilt; Jean- snowball quilt;Sue-author autographed quilts, Colorado romance novels;Sandy- horse quilt, aprons;Evie-applique pillows, paper pieced wall hangings, folded fabric wall hanging
 Meeting was adjourned to enjoy refreshments and our demo provided by
Joey Snow- Quilted cutting mat and tool bag.
Submitted by,
Crystal Martinez, Secretary

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Meeting

Greetings and Salutations,

The August Meeting was great as usual! Our VP Patsy stood in for our President who had guests from out of town. The word is she will be back in charge next month.

We are moving our meeting back to the first Monday of each month (with exceptions of course of Holidays) So the next meeting which will be September 14th (that Holiday thing) followed by October 5th and November 2nd.

The meetings will be held at the Solid Ground Restraunt at 412 S McCulloch Blvd for our out of town members and guests this location is approximately 1.5 miles South on McCulloch Blvd from the traffic light at Hwy 50 (that is where the Wal Mart is)

On to fun things....see the photos - click on the 'PWQ 2009 Photo Albums' link on the top left of the page. This link houses all the 2009 photos also - enjoy! Of course as usual there are a few shown here also.

Sew and Share was fun as usual - see - -

Things I got from the meeting:

1) Silent Auction coming - get ready!
2) next months Fat Quarter Drawing will be Purples and Lavenders

3) Block of the month colors for next month is Black, White and Red

4) Nominations are coming, there was a call for a committee...think about it - this could be fun

5) The Christmas Party is starting to 'shape up' thanks to the committee members - they said some fun things

6) Fons and Porter Subscriptions (prescriptions for some of us) are still available - talk with Vicki

7) September Program will be on a Silhouette Quilt by Patsy, more info to come
8) A Club Challenge has started - this could be very interesting and fun! - oh so fun - we chose 2 colors (crayons from a bag), those 2 are all you can use - plus black and/or white - so maxim of 4 colors, the rest of the rules were given out on a piece of paper - there will be a Viewer's Choice Award.

Our program was a Demo of a Quilting Tool Bag by Joey - we got a lot of helpful hints and a fun presentation of the Bag Joey had made to house her Cutting equipment when going to and from a sewing class or sewing group.
Good job - Joey!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Hello Quilters,
Another month gone and it's almost time for our meeting again!!! WOW how time flies when we are busy quilting!!
Joey Snow will be giving a demo at the Aug 4th meeting. We will be sending out supply info to you shortly.
The fat quarter drawing for August will be bright colored Juvenile/children's prints.
Check out the blog for the link to the BOM if you did not receive it in an email. I am assuming everyone did get it as we did not get any emails back. Those who do not have email were sent a copy in the mail.
The board has a fun challenge project for you to do at home. We will announce it at our next meeting. 
See you all in August.
Patsy VP


  Patsy Morris called the meeting to order at 7:05pm. Mary Richardson was back and sitting in at the meeting. Patsy welcomed two guests at tonight's meeting: Marsha and Rose and welcomed returning members. 

  Secretary's report: A copy was sent out by email and postal mail and can be found at our blog: Motion to approve was made by Katya and second by Betty. 

  Treasurer's Report: A detailed spreadsheet can be found at check-in. Vicki reported a balance of $2,224,98. Motion to approve was made by Renee and second by Cheryl. 

  Old Business:  
Relocation committee still looking for possible new location. Chris Magan informed that the Shriner's Club out-too expensive.
Relocation committee consists of Alta, Violet, and Jeanne- if anybody has any ideas please contact any of them. 
Sew Saturday- Held June 27Th on paper piecing. 18 signed up and only six showed. 
Those who attended showed their finished Hunter's Star blocks. Charlotte showed a finished quilt.
Please be working on your items for our silent auction-we will be having a sew night to work on those items.

New Business: 
August meeting will be a presentation by Joey Snow- she will demo a tote for your cutting mats. Joey will be sending out info for fabric requirements.
Rocky Mountain Quilt Fest will be July 9Th-July 11Th
Any one who makes a quilt for Quilts of Valor or Wounded Warriors can now receive a charm to hang on your name tag.  
Church quilt was presented to members- Mari Pretzer will be quilting

BOM: Due to Jennifer's absence the BOM demo will be sent out later 
LUV Quilts 
Mattie- 2 QOV donation quilts, Dawn, Helen, Mary
Patsy- Son's fisherman grad quilt 
Judy- 50 state flower quilt, 2 quilts made from left over fabric from church quilt 
Chris Magan- appliqued baby quilt 
Janet- wounded warrior quilt, paper pieced blocks, butterfly paper pieced quilt panel 
Alta- giraffe pillow and quilt, snowball quilt, horse quilt, Dick & Jane quilt, sun-bonnet Sue quilt 

  Mari and Joey presented Mary Richardson the Colorado beauty quilt made by the PWQ in memory of Mary's granddaughter Lyndsi.

BOM- Faye 18 red, white, & blue blocks
Name tag- Katya
Fat 1/4- Janet 28 red, white, & blue fat 1/4's
In-House- Cheryl, Elberta, Joey

  Meeting was adjourned by Patsy to enjoy the ice cream social and drinks provided by the board and to work on the snow ball quilts. 
Submitted by, 
Crystal Martinez, Secretary

Tuesday Demo by Joey

I have outlined my presentation for a demo, which will last about 20 minutes and then having the rest of the time for sewing the cutting mat carriers together. Here is a guideline of what members will need to bring if they want to assemble a bag that evening. Measurements are "rough" as cutting mats vary in size and each will need to measure their mat and then decide what size is needed. If anyone is planning on sewing that evening they will need to prequilt their main bag and interior pieces together. I.e. sandwhich the main fabric/batting and backing (interior) and quilt. Do this twice to create a front and back. I will be giving some of "my" tips on quilting/binding/and strap making. I hope it is helpful.
For Main Bag and Interior
Cut 2 for exterior and 2 for interior - (Measure your mat and add 2" to the length and width i.e. my mat measures 14x23 so I will cut my fabric 16x25) 
cut two pieces as sized above (again, mine will be 16x25)
2 pieces 4x70 (obviously you will need to piece your fabric to get the 70" AND if your mat is larger you will need to add additional length. But I don't think you will need more than 2 pieces that are 4x 120 or so for a larger mat)
Handle Interfacing
2 pieces 1" x 70 or longer
Binding (DOES NOT have to be bias)
1 3/4" strips for along the top of the bag, the bottom and the two sides (for mine I will need about 125" cut from pieces parts)
Pocket (optional) - you decide and just bring some scraps

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.