Saturday, March 26, 2011

President's Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations,

March was proving that it could be ‘in control’ of our lives using weather, however we had a fairly good turnout in spite of Mother Nature. Cudos to those who weathered the storm and came anyway. The program was Shelli Vahlbusch from the Pueblo Police Department – talking about personal defense, she gave us a lot of good information, with a question and answer portion of her presentation. There were quite a few questions and we were given a lot of information that we can use in our daily comings, goings and even at our homes.

Weekday Sew and the Sew Saturday scheduled for March were canceled due to lack of participants, there were a few and we made certain that they got a time to be assisted as needed. I am certain you will be seeing a couple of the Bean Bag Quilt Games at one of our Sew and Share times.

Do you remember the email I forwarded on to you – it was short notice so the snail mailers did not get the opportunity, sorry – Cyndi McChesney was going to New Zealand where the worst earthquake in their history had hit, an excerpt from her email “I will be staying in hristchurch for a much shorter time frame than anticipated, but want to do something to help and have contact with a quilter in Auckland New Zealand who is ready and willing to accept quilt blocks to be made into quilts for people who were devastated by the tragedy.” Due to the tragedy she was suggesting we send blocks with her and had chosen the rail fence. I am proud to say that from the Pueblo West Quilters she received 12 blocks and $16 towards assisting with the quilts at the far end and/or defraying the cost an extra suitcase.

Our program for the next meeting will be Zentangles and Quilting. Have you heard of Zentangles? Did you know they can be quilted? Come and see if this would be a fun and interesting way of quilting for you. Zentangles can be very relaxing. This is a way to leave the concerns of the day behind and get a good pattern for quilt to do the next day. I hope to see you all at the meeting, Monday, the 4th of April 2011, at Gabby’s Diner & Catering (formerly Solid Ground) doors are open at 6:30 pm.


 Quilt and Stitch Expo of Pueblo 9a to 5p April 1 & 2
 Southern Colorado Regional Quilt Show @ El Pueblo Museum
presented by Pride City Quilt Guild March 31, April 1 & 2
 Fantasy Fiber Forest and More (see info below) April 1 – 30
 PWQ Executive Board Meets ¬¬¬¬¬9:00 am at Barbara’s Home April 12
 Denver National Quilt Festival (see Brochure attached) April 23 thru May 1
Things to remember for the April Meeting:
__Block of the Month
__Wounded Warrior Block
__Fat Quarter (Purple for April)
__Your Badge
__LUV Quilts
__LUV Pillowcases
__Sew and Share Items
__Notebook and Pen/Pencil
Refreshments for April : SNACKS:
Anita Eakins & Lisa Mollenhauer DRINKS: Barbara & Keta


LUV Quilts 2011:
_2_ newly donated _ 6_ YTD
LUV Quilts: 2010: _75_ YE
LUV Pillowcases 2010:
_1_ newly donated _7_ YTD
LUV Pillowcases 2010: _80_YE
Wounded Warrior Quilts 2011:
_1_newly donated _4_ YTD
KEY: YE = Year End and YTD= Year To Date

Member’s _27_
(includes _4_new members)
Visitors & Non Members_0_
(includes _0_ first time attendees)

Quilt on,

Evie Sheldon ~ President, Pueblo West Quilters

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 7, 2011 Meeting

President Evie presided over our meeting on March 7.

Program for March was presented by Shelly and officer with the Pueblo Police Department who talked on personal defense.

BOM...demo was given by Nina a variation of the star block using Easter fabrics.
March block of the month we had many varieties of green.
Sew and Share was enjoyed by all and there were some awesome quilts to see.
All of the pictures can be viewed at the Shutterfly site by using the link at the top.  Also each pattern for our block of the month is loaded there.
Fat Quarter for April is PURPLE