Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tips: Index Card & Starting Paper

The Index card has 1/4-inch lines. Use them to determine the extension of the dog-ear points when sewing two angled edges together. Mark the obtuse angle piece on the index card if you're stitching multiple pieces. Keep the index card by your sewing machine for quick assembly line piecing.

In the following sample, I used bias binding fabrics. (For the sharp detectives, the black fabric is flipped because I don't have to worry about angles on the same fabric when attaching the binding. 🙂 )

Notice the 1/4" extension of the dog-ears on both ends.

Tip: Use paper instead of fabric scraps when starting/ending a seam to save on thread & keep it a no-rat's-nest zone.   And, if the paper accidentally gets under the fabrics, you can tear away the paper.