Monday, November 28, 2011

President's Newsletter & Farewell

Greetings and Salutations,

We are at the end of yet another year with the Pueblo West Quilters Guild so as I look for things to chat about within this Newsletter, that you may be interested in, first, of course is the Christmas Party. See the box at the right:

I decided to do a recap of what has occurred this year – I may miss some things but I am going to try to cover it all – Ready ? Here we go:

”2011 – THIS, THAT YEAR, THAT WAS – 2011“

First we will start with the meetings: Let’s take a look at what happened this year, therefore, this is the year that was…..2011

January 3, was the first meeting of the year, this is traditionally a night to kick off our LUV Quilts Project. True to form; a new pattern was introduced by our Treasurer, Nina Stevens. It is a stash buster type of pattern…however it seems I have even more pieces leftover…still! How does that work – certainly not mathematically!

February 7, was our own Carolyn Collette sharing Hints, Websites and Blog Sites and how to traverse them.   You can get lost in there and it can take hours to find your way back out of the electronic land. I see why it is called ‘The Web’.  Great Job Carolyn!

March 7th, was Shelli Vahlbusch from the Pueblo Police Department – she gave us information about personal defense, she gave hints about what to watch for and what not to fall prey to in the situations in which we find ourselves on a daily basis. She wanted us to think about ‘what would we do’ and ‘what should we do’, like if they want your purse – GIVE IT TO THEM – and live unharmed for another day.

April 4, was Zentangles and Quilting, have you zentangled since then? Patsy Morris and Evie Sheldon were the presenters. It could be a stress buster and a way to relax after sitting at that sewing machine all day. Of course you may be back at the sewing machine with your creation. Super presentation Patsy !

May 2, was Nani Kaai from Nala’s Quilt Shoppe in Fountain, CO – she talked about “Inspirations” and where to get ideas. She had a very inspiring talk and trunk show of innovative ideas which just added to our ‘things we want to do sometime’ list. You have one don’t you?

June 6, the program was Cyndi McChesney of Canon City, with ‘Reheated Leftovers’. It was a fun program she gave us some outstanding ways of cutting, collecting, keeping and using the leftovers from past quilts. She had ways to use this cut collection, making quilts that are fun and stash busting in nature.

July 11, brought us our ‘Come to the Fair’ there were many drawings, demo table prizes, door prizes, Ways and Means tables, and a Bake Sale table… was a busy night!
Our Demo presenters:
Vicki Becker doing the Mile a Minute booth,
Carolyn Collette showing Hot Dog Pillowcases,
Katya Holen presenting The Twisted Log Cabin,
Patsy Morris exhibiting an insight to Coloring your Quilt,
Nina Stevens introducing the Block of the Month for August, and
Sandy McDonald delivering a 10 Minute Block, with her vivacious assistant, Carol Hires.
(Sandy had just had surgery so she needed an assistant)
It was a FUN night and GREAT JOB by one and all! ! !

August 1, was a History of the Log Cabin Quilt with our own Katya Holen taking us thru time and how it influenced the Log Cabin.  It is always interesting to see how things came about and what kind of influences changed and/or improved the patterns and processes. A big THANKS to Katya!

September 12, we welcomed Denise Hovey from Creative Cloth Closet in Canon City she had some really cool ideas and fun things to share, showing completed projects and as usual she came up with more ideas right on the spot – my kind of lady! – I have noticed that she is really good at playing off one idea and jumping to another – and sharing them too.

October 3, was Scott Beaver from Manitou Springs, he told of how he got started and shared a trunk show that was inclusive of his beginning quilting efforts to date. He has a shop in Manitou Springs which he encouraged us to visit.

November 7, was Cindy Thomas, from Colorado Springs and Ruth’s Stitchery, as our guest speaker with an interesting program, which included working with wool, a bit of history about wool and of course information on how to properly felt wool, and to think, we always thought it was only an annoying laundry accident. She also had wool items to share and show what you can do with wool.

December 5, will be our Christmas Dinner Party hosted by our own Mary Richardson, anyone who has been involved in a Christmas Party that she has hosted knows that she ‘does them well’, so we can only expect to have a fun time after the  ‘as short as I can make it’ business meeting and new officer installation completes. No pressure Mary! (honest, I know we will love it)


Approximately 5:45 pm

 At Gabby’s Diner
Dinner Ready at 6:30 pm
Previous Reservation only.

Chicken / Roast Beef
Mashed Potatoes / Gravy
Wheat Rolls / Green Beans / Salad
Coffee / Ice Tea / Water
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dessert provided by
The Christmas Party Committee

Now to a list of all the other extraneous things that we as a group had the opportunity to partake of:

Sharing opportunities / statistics:
Ø  12 blocks and $16     -  Cyndi McChesney went to New Zealand where the worst earthquake in their history had hit, due to the tragedy she had suggested she would take blocks with her for the guilds there to make into quilts, she had chosen the rail fence. I am proud to say that from the Pueblo West Quilters she received 12 blocks and $16 to assist with the quilts at the far end and/or defraying the cost of an extra suitcase.
Ø  LUV Quilts – this year we contributed  a total of 67 completed quilts
The breakdown is:    39 Quilts were made for Joplin tornado victims *
14 Bama Bound Quilts for Alabama tornado victims *
24 LUV Quilts went to assist in our local communities
Ø  LUV Pillowcases  - 35 were made and contributed (some were with Wounded Warrior quilts)
Ø  Wounded Warrior Quilts  - 18 were assembled and donated to the Wounded Warriors **
Ø  A Quilt made for the Women in Law Enforcement 
Ø  A Quilt made for Gabby’s Diner and Catering that was for Ben – in lieu of payment for space to meet.

Together:  Sewing / interacting / socializing / learning
Ø  Together: Class opportunities:
o   Bean Bag Game Quilt – fun to make and fun to give !
o   Reheated Leftovers  -  made use of the strips created due to the June Meeting !
o   Twisted Log Cabin –  another way to use those strips we have been creating !
o   Shades of . . .  -  a quick wall hanging that is fun to embellish !

We had our members and a couple of non-members take advantage of the classes. The space was acquired, time allocated and instructor time coordinated to present the opportunity for learning and some socializing. (Of course we went to lunch or dinner - whichever was appropriate)

Ø  *Together: Socializing and projects:
o   Quilts for Joplin’ and ‘Bama Bound Quilts back a few lines you were given statistics of  the afore mentioned quilts: 39 for Joplin and 14 for Alabama, they were done in 6 weeks – imagine that, 53 quilts in 6 weeks - WOW –

We allocated time at the Library and spend 5 days in 3 weeks at the Library, There were many involved who came for a couple of hours or came for the day or did what they could and some could not stay but came with fabric to share – we had people that came to see and left a donation, or in a couple of cases sat down and hand sewed on labels or bindings. Aren’t people wonderful!    

PLUS: We were extremely fortunate to have several long arm quilters that gave of their time to quilt up these quilts.

We managed to get an article in ‘The View’ (Thanks, Nina for making those calls) Nina also managed to obtain more donations from several of the business’ in the area, using the flyers that Carla’s daughter made with the thought of donations that could be  used for supplies.

A church from the area, River of Grace, was going to Joplin to assist and made room to transport our 39 quilts. What a great thing! It saved us a bunch of postage. You know postage, it was a bunch!

We were not as lucky with the Alabama quilts but we still managed to post 14 of them with some donations from those who could not get time to work on them and some that worked on them and still donated money plus a small balance with which the Guild assisted, to attain the goal.

One thing you should realize when reading all of this is that we have an AWESOME GROUP OF PEOPLE who gave of their time, their fabric, their creativity, their gas, their food, their money, etc, etc.  We should also note that some spouses have contributed a lot to assist.

Ø  **Together: Wounded Warrior Quilts / Pillowcases –
o   We have a block of the month and if you wish you can make a red/white/blue block in the Block of the Month pattern this group who calls themselves ‘The Tuesday Night Divas’, take and make into a quilt for the Wounded Warriors.

This calendar year, we as a group have made enough blocks that the Tuesday Night group has put together, made backings for, gotten batting, some from the guild and some donated themselves, quilted and put on the bindings and labels - - - (drum roll please !) There are 18 of them for the year of 2011 ! ! ! !  SPECTACULAR ! ! ! !

Janet Flick accepts these quilts and delivers them to The Eagles Summit Ranch in Westcliffe, a nonprofit organization created to help wounded Soldiers deal with injuries sustained in combat. She tries to obtain enough for each graduate to receive one when they graduate.

Ø  Together: Sew and Socialize
o   We had time allocated at the Library to come and Sew and Socialize for one morning in October and one in November those that came brought something to work on and enjoyed time chatting and getting to know one another – of course we went out for lunch – and it was a good time for all who participated.

Ø  Together: Ways and Means
o   Ways and Means tables were available during the meetings March thru November, at these tables were accepted donations for the guild and these were sold.  The funds are part of what is funding our functions
o   Come to the Fair was also used as a fundraising with the ticket price at the door, the Ways and Means Tables and the Bake Sale Table, we were able to obtain the income needed to help sustain our guild.

Things I know that are annual and you may want to participate in for the next year,
either by attending or entering a quilt or quilted item.
ÿ        Quilt and Stitch Expo of Pueblo                                                    March/April
ÿ        Southern Colorado Regional Quilt Show @ El Pueblo Museum           
o   presented by Pride City Quilt Guild                                  March/April
ÿ        Denver National Quilt Festival                                                       April / May
ÿ        Colorado State Fair Quilt Competition                                        August/September

Just another note: There are always International Quilt Shows all around the country and even Quilting Cruises – just check out your magazines for more opportunities – or a travel agent that specializes in Quilting tours, trips, etc (they too can be found in those wonderful magazines we all get throughout the year)

Last but not least I would like to say - It has been my honor to serve in the capacity as President for 2011, it is my hope that all of you will look seriously at the by-laws and see what committee you may be able to assist with during the 2012 Year, even if it is only for a part of the year it will make things easier for our incoming board.  

See ya’ at the Meeting/Christmas Dinner/Party, Monday, Dec 5th, 2011, at Gabby’s Diner & Catering doors are open at 5:45 p.m. don’t forget dinner will served at 6:30 p.m. be prompt.
The Board of 2011 is wishing for you the
Best Holiday Season of all, A Merry Christmas,
A Happy New Year and Peace - - the remainder of 2011
and throughout all of 2012 !
Evie Sheldon, President, Pueblo
 West Quilters Guild 
Quilt on and on and on and on,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 7, 2011

  President Evie called the meeting to order. The Christmas Party to be held December 5th at Gabby's Diner was discussed.  A Wounded Warrior invitation was read by Janet Flick.
The nominating Committee reported that after many, many calls to members with no positive response a board was finally formed.  President..Katya Holen; Vice President...Patsy Morris; Secretary.. Heidi Gard; Treasurer...Rosie Gould.
Evie gave a short briefing on her out going Presidents Block.  Hand outs are available if you did not get one at the meeting. It was also attached to the last President's newsletter.

 Sew and share was enjoyed by all. We are such a prolific group of quilters, many beautiful quilts were shown.

  This was made in a class given by Katya Holen

  One of the 21 Wounded Warrior quilts donated this year by the Tuesday night Diva's group.  Keep those red/white/blue blocks coming ladies!

  Our Guest Speaker was Cindy Thomas from Ruth's Stitchery who gave a wonderful trunk show and talk on using wool in your quilting.