Tuesday, January 26, 2016

February 1, 2016 Meeting

Pueblo West Quilters will meet Feb. 1st @ 7pm
@ the Majestic Baptist Church, 494 E. Hemlock, Pueblo West. 
What to Bring:  

·        Block of the Month: Lincoln’s Platform (Shoo-Fly , Monkey Wrench, and Hole in the Barn Door) 
·        Wounded Warrior Blocks/Quilts in patriotic colors
·        Fat Quarter: Hearts 
·         Name tag
·        In-house funds
·        Membership Dues: $25
·          Guest Dues: $3
·        Show-N-Share
·        FUNdraiser monies: Fat Quarters & patterns/books
·        Program: Quilting Tool (limit 2)

Can you believe that February’s meeting is just around the corner?

I’m so excited about this program because it’s about quilting tools! I’m a gadget collector and love, LOVE, LOVE tools!

And you are invited to participate! Seriously, what do I have to do to? Twist your arm? Not going to happen.

 Okay, I’ll start …

 I fell in love with the rotary cutter the moment it came out. I’m a left-hander and no matter what pair of scissors I used, they’d strangled my thumb. Even turning over right-handed scissors caused tense situations.

I disliked the cutting part of sewing or quilting. 

Then along came the rotary cutter.... 

 Life changed and I was in heaven. 

I can cut circles around a curved ruler, sign me up for angles and hexagons because I LOVE IT!

Okay, I still procrastinate before cutting but I don’t have the stress and sore thumb as before.

So what quilting tool is your go-to tool? What can you not live without? What unusual tool have you discovered?

Before you bring your ENTIRE toolbox, let’s limit it to two tools.

Oh, we’re going to have soooo much fun!


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 LUV Quilt: Rail Fence Quilt

Easy-peasy quilt! It's the Rail Fence Quilt with unlimited possibilities!
Basically, it's a square block with stripes. You choose how many stripes you want. You choose if you want a scrappy look or a unified look. You choose how big your block will be.

I found the picture at http://www.theshuttlesmith.com. Thank you.

A Cactus Kilter Quilter's Challenge for you...
In 2016, make 3 LUV quilts: 
1 for your car, 
1 to donate, and 
1 to donate to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Why? Have you've been outside lately? Do you have a quilt in your cars for that just in case! moment?
I taught for a craft company through craft-parties and had to make samples to show. I learned - sort of - to make the first one for myself and then make one as a gift. You see, I never had any of my crafts to display because I gave them all away! Now when you come to my home you'll see a variety of my arts on the walls and tossed in piles.

Now a LUV quilt for yourself is valuable to you. You never know when you're going to need it and for whom. For the super fast quilters, pop a couple in your car!

As for the donated quilts, the LUV quilts and Wounded Warrior quilts, they're a continuation of a project Pueblo West Quilters have done for years. Except the over-achiever quilters seem to be the ones who step up to the quilting frame while this CKQ can barely manage to get a graduation or baby quilt done! So the challenge is for myself. Make those quilt tops into quilts! And if I have this problem, other quilters might too. One way is to set deadlines so I did.

Since LUV quilts have a drawing at the Holiday Party, I'd say to have these 3 quilts done by the November meeting. PPPPPsssssst! Get the car quilt done ASAP since more cold weather is coming!

You might as well get the other quilts done too because August is when the 2016 Quilt Challenge is due. But more on that later ... you need to come to the meeting for your inspiration ...

Sunday, January 3, 2016

January 2016 Meeting

Pueblo West Quilters will meet Jan. 4th @ 7pm
Majestic Baptist Church, 494 E. Hemlock, Pueblo West.

Program: 2016 LUV Quilt & the Annual Quilt Challenge.
Collecting $25 annual dues.
BOM: X Marks the Spot
Fat Qtr: White on Black

2016 Pueblo West Quilters Board
President: Sue Longsdorf
Vice-President: Patty Dunnington
2nd Vice-President:  Sandy Strickland
Treasurer: Vicki Becker
Secretary: Rhonda Russell