Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Meeting

Greetings and Salutations,

The August Meeting was great as usual! Our VP Patsy stood in for our President who had guests from out of town. The word is she will be back in charge next month.

We are moving our meeting back to the first Monday of each month (with exceptions of course of Holidays) So the next meeting which will be September 14th (that Holiday thing) followed by October 5th and November 2nd.

The meetings will be held at the Solid Ground Restraunt at 412 S McCulloch Blvd for our out of town members and guests this location is approximately 1.5 miles South on McCulloch Blvd from the traffic light at Hwy 50 (that is where the Wal Mart is)

On to fun things....see the photos - click on the 'PWQ 2009 Photo Albums' link on the top left of the page. This link houses all the 2009 photos also - enjoy! Of course as usual there are a few shown here also.

Sew and Share was fun as usual - see - -

Things I got from the meeting:

1) Silent Auction coming - get ready!
2) next months Fat Quarter Drawing will be Purples and Lavenders

3) Block of the month colors for next month is Black, White and Red

4) Nominations are coming, there was a call for a committee...think about it - this could be fun

5) The Christmas Party is starting to 'shape up' thanks to the committee members - they said some fun things

6) Fons and Porter Subscriptions (prescriptions for some of us) are still available - talk with Vicki

7) September Program will be on a Silhouette Quilt by Patsy, more info to come
8) A Club Challenge has started - this could be very interesting and fun! - oh so fun - we chose 2 colors (crayons from a bag), those 2 are all you can use - plus black and/or white - so maxim of 4 colors, the rest of the rules were given out on a piece of paper - there will be a Viewer's Choice Award.

Our program was a Demo of a Quilting Tool Bag by Joey - we got a lot of helpful hints and a fun presentation of the Bag Joey had made to house her Cutting equipment when going to and from a sewing class or sewing group.
Good job - Joey!!!