Monday, August 3, 2009

Tuesday Demo by Joey

I have outlined my presentation for a demo, which will last about 20 minutes and then having the rest of the time for sewing the cutting mat carriers together. Here is a guideline of what members will need to bring if they want to assemble a bag that evening. Measurements are "rough" as cutting mats vary in size and each will need to measure their mat and then decide what size is needed. If anyone is planning on sewing that evening they will need to prequilt their main bag and interior pieces together. I.e. sandwhich the main fabric/batting and backing (interior) and quilt. Do this twice to create a front and back. I will be giving some of "my" tips on quilting/binding/and strap making. I hope it is helpful.
For Main Bag and Interior
Cut 2 for exterior and 2 for interior - (Measure your mat and add 2" to the length and width i.e. my mat measures 14x23 so I will cut my fabric 16x25) 
cut two pieces as sized above (again, mine will be 16x25)
2 pieces 4x70 (obviously you will need to piece your fabric to get the 70" AND if your mat is larger you will need to add additional length. But I don't think you will need more than 2 pieces that are 4x 120 or so for a larger mat)
Handle Interfacing
2 pieces 1" x 70 or longer
Binding (DOES NOT have to be bias)
1 3/4" strips for along the top of the bag, the bottom and the two sides (for mine I will need about 125" cut from pieces parts)
Pocket (optional) - you decide and just bring some scraps

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.