Sunday, May 29, 2011

President's Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations,

The program at the May meeting was Nani from Nala’s Quilt Shoppe in Fountain, CO – if you have not taken time to check out their shop, it is a short drive and wonderful shop. Of course if you were at the meeting you saw some of the items from the shop. Nani showed items made by her and quilting by her partner/sister Laura which gave a whole lot of ideas and thoughts for possibilities – did you go home and figure out what was next for you? Be creative ! ! Check out the photos on the Blogspot especially if you could not be present at the meeting. (the URL is listed above the blocks at the top)
Pueblo West Quilters Newsletter
 It is good to have photos they definitely assist the memory cells.

Here comes our June Meeting, ready or not.  The evening should be a good one…we have Cyndi McChesney coming with a program on ‘Reheated Leftovers’. As we know all too well you can make quilts and you seem to have as much in your stash as you did at the beginning. It seems the leftovers from each quilt take up as much room as the original pieces of fabric did……so perhaps we will get some good ideas as to what to do with them.

We have July to look forward to with the ‘Come to the Fair’ remember this will be a fun time and a Fund Raiser…we will be having a Baked Goods table which we need items for, along with a couple of Ways and Means tables – we have some fun things that will be new and of course if you have items that will assist this would be the time to bring them as we hope to have guests. Everyone should have one. So why not bring one of your own, guest that is.

Just so you know we do look at the Suggestions as they come in and have hopefully addressed them as best we can – the latest one we were glad to see as sometimes it is not easy to tell how things are going – the note read simply ‘Thank you for doing a great job! It is greatly appreciated!’ Whoever wrote this anonymous note the board would like you to know that it is really nice to know someone thinks that. So, A big Thank you from all of us!


I hope to see you all at the meeting, Monday, the 6th of June 2011, at Gabby’s Diner & Catering (formerly Solid Ground) doors are open at 6:30 p.m.

Now for the Statistics, Checklist, Upcoming Events, etc., etc., etc., etc.,

 LUV Quilts 2011:
_2_ newly donated _ 10_ YTD
LUV Quilts: 2010:    _75_ YE
LUV Pillowcases 2010:
_6_ newly donated _14_ YTD
LUV Pillowcases 2010: _80_YE
Wounded Warrior Quilts 2011:
_3_newly donated  _8_ YTD
KEY: YE = Year End and YTD= Year To Date

Member’s _46_
(includes_1_new members)
Visitors & Non Members_2_ 

Meeting Checklist for June:
__Block of the Month
__Wounded Warrior Block
__Fat Quarter (June’s FQ is Blue)
__Your Badge
__Raffle Funds
__LUV Quilts
__LUV Pillowcases
__Sew and Share Items
__Notebook and Pen/Pencil
Refreshments  for June: SNACKS & DRINKS:
Dixie Moorcroft, Carolyn Collette, Patrice Baker, Pat Farris, and Joan Levy