Monday, February 28, 2011

Presidents News

Greetings and Salutations,

Our program for February was our own Carolyn Collette sharing Hints, Websites and Blog Sites. Thanks Carolyn it was great as only you can do. We are fortunate to have someone willing to assist and share. I, myself, tried some of her hints in finding Web and Blog Sites, found YouTube to have lots of little clips to watch – you can get lost in there and it can take hours to find your way back out of the electronic land. I see why it is called ‘ The Web ’

A visitor from the Alzheimer’s Association, Kristi Graham, took a few minutes to tell us about an opportunity, they are having an art auction showing watercolors created by artists with dementia/alzheimer’s. The opportunity for us is to make a companion piece to go with a piece of art – she showed pictures of the art pieces that were juried into the auction. We have a couple of volunteers to do a companion piece or two. These pieces need to be turned in by the end of March, we would like to have photos of our contributions so they can be posted on our blogspot, it is a short deadline but can be done, deadline is March 31st, If you are still interested let me know and I can get a larger copy of the painting of your choice.

 Weekday Sew on Thursday, March 10th and Sew Saturday on Saturday, March 19th both days are the same project and 9 am to 1 pm. The project, is ‘Bean Bag Quilt’ when you are finished you will have a great gift, a game and a quilt, for a child or perhaps adults in a home. You will make the game board (a quilt) and the bean bags with a starting line. It would be a quick and fun time with easy sewing leaving more time for interactions (chatting don’t you know) and fun. Be sure and sign up at the meeting or you can email.

While I was having some computer malfunctions and catastrophes this last week, I learned about a URL that is exclusive to Pueblo West:
Interesting site a lot of information has been collected. Try it out…

I hope to see you all at our next meeting, Monday, March 7th, 2011, at Gabby’s Diner & Catering (formerly Solid Ground Restaurant). Our program will be by a Police Officer from Pueblo Police Department, she will be talking about personal defense, as we all need to be more conscientious of where, what, and who is going on around us in this crazy world. What would you do if you had your purse with your JoAnn’s Card in it grabbed – it would ruin a good day of shopping and what should you do!
Things to remember for the March Meeting:
Block of the Month you work so hard on / Fat Quarter (Green Prints this month) /
Your Badge / LUV Quilts/ Sew and Share Items
Refreshments will be provided by:
Snacks: Virginia _ and Linda Coursey Drinks: Marilyn Vigil


LUV Quilts 2011: _2_ Last Month _ 4_ YTD LUV Quilts: 2010: _75_ YE
LUV Pillowcases 2010: _2_ Last Month _6_ YTD LUV Pillowcases 2010: _80_YE
Wounded Warrior Quilts 2011: _1_Last Month _3_ YTD
KEY: YE = Year End and YTD= Year To Date
Member’s _43_ (includes _0_new members)
Visitors & Non Members_2_ (includes _2_ first time attendees)

 PWQ Sew Weekday 9a – 1p (sign up) March 10
 PWQ Sew Saturday 9a – 1p (sign up) March 19
 PWQ Executive Board Meets 9:00 am March 16
 Quilt and Stitch Expo of Pueblo 9a to 5p April 1 & 2
 Southern Colorado Regional Quilt Show @ El Pueblo Museum
presented by Pride City Quilt Guild March 31, April 1 & 2
 PWQ Guild Meeting 7:00 pm April 4
 Fantasy Fiber Forest and More (see info below) April 1 – 30
 Denver National Quilt Festival (see Brochure attached) April 23 thru May 1

Quilting is my comfort, Quilting is my joy,
Quilting is not a chore, Quilting is more a toy,

Quilt on,

Evie Sheldon ~ President, Pueblo West Quilters