Monday, May 18, 2009

2009 - May - Meeting

May 2009 Meeting

The May meeting begins.

Lots of fun things to inspire us to achieve what we can in a months time……

Block of the Month that were raffled turned out awesome!

Block of the Month for the June Meeting has great possibilities! Thanks for the instruction.

LUV Quilts come in each month and are sent to some GREAT organizations for appropriate distribution!

Sew and Share is almost sensory overload! Such great quilts and projects!

As always we get a Snack break (kind of like Kindergarden) and time to interact with one another.

The program by Carolyn Collette – Table Runner – hmmm did you try it yet??? Looks good and appears to be easily accomplished.
Do not forget to check below to see all the photos taken : Use the "PWQ Photos in Shutterfly" link, choose PWQ 2009 Photo Albums - it contains all of the 2009 photos...ENJOY!