Tuesday, April 28, 2009

President's April Newsletter

Pueblo West Quilt Guild
News Letter
Meeting-- Tuesday May 5, at 7PM
Hello all you lovely ladies.
  I know for the most part this letter is old news.We've been over about everything.
  We now have "54" members. How great is that!!!
  I think when some of you arrived last meeting you wondered what was going on. All those cars.
  Well it's a money raising function for the church, and they will be there again during our next meeting.
  And possibly again in June.We're doing the best we can to accomodate everyone. Sorry for any inconveniance, like parking.
  Arrive as close to 7 p.m. as you can.
  The block of the month for June will be demonstrated by Jeannie Renck. Be sure and bring all your May blocks. Black star with Black on white background.
  We will be dividing the blocks into two groups, if there's enough.
  Fat quarters are to be stripes or polka dots in May. As many as you want. One person will win them all.
  Carolyn Collette will be demonstrating the posie table runner.You can bring your sewing equipment if you would like.
  There's been information for what will be needed for that project sent out via e-mail. Carolyn will also have instructions.
  There are still eleven (11) blocks to be turned in for the church quilt. Please bring them to the May meeting.
  Refreshments will be brought to you by, Jean McDonald, Nina Stevens, and Sandra McDonald. Thank- You.
  We will be having a sew Saturday June 27th, 9 a.m. until 2--2:30. It will be on paper-piecing. Charlotte Hillson and Patsy Morris will be teaching us. So
  all of you that have been asking for paper-piecing,PLEASE COME. Bring sewing supplies and fabric. They will supply the pattern and paper.You will also need to bring snacks or a sack lunch. We will remind you again at the June meeting.
  That's all for now ladies, OH, I do want to thank all of you that participated in the trunk show last meeting. THANK-YOU !!!! We have had great comments on how neat it was to see everyone's special projects and work.