Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Bug Jars – this one could ‘bug ya’ (tee hee).
The colors to use are Bug Fabric for the jars, Grey for lids and a plain black for the background.
The presentation shows 3 sizes of jars and you can make any of the three sizes. Two of them come from a website listed here:
The third is for the smallest baby food jars. We were given paper piecing templates so you will need to get in touch with a member who has them if you would like to try them. Chris also suggests we make the black background around the baby food jars at 1 inch instead of the size on the pattern.
See the pictures of the finished quilt by Chris.
Chris suggests that bug fabric is not readily available in the area and so has scoped out several web sites where you can find bugs and more bugs.
These sites are:
Chris gave us another link " cuddlebug "however we have not been able to get it to open. If someone is able to navigate the site please let one of us (Patsy or Evie) know so we can post it for others. Thanks.

MARCH BLOCK OF THE MONTH was won by Mary Anne. There were 19 blocks of the Farmers Daughters block pattern . Have fun with those blocks Mary Anne! We look forward to seeing that completed quilt at one of our future Show and Tells.