Monday, August 24, 2015

Why Am I Not Quilting?

August’s Pueblo West Quilters program was 145 Days Till Christmas. Now it's 122 days and counting…..

That countdown has begun … do I panic now?
And here’s why …

Live your life just the way you are.

For instance, a Cactus Kilter Quilter I know doesn’t function well in heat.
Cactus doesn’t like the hot weather?
I know!!! Weird! But that’s the life for CKQ.
So she doesn’t quilt during this time. That’s okay.
But her ideas are flowing so she carries a graph paper notebook and sketch out her ideas.

The 145 Ideas Till Christmas got me started on 

What other Quick Projects can I do in a Pinch 

It’s not so much as I gotta start quilting now as much as it’s time to gather things together and make kits so I can make the gifts later. 

This concept ties in with the Fall Cleaning, Back-To-School prepping, and organizing transitions. You know you do it even though you &/or your kids haven’t been in school for years!!! The seasonal rhythm is ingrained. That habit you thought you’ve conquered? Hah! Acknowledge it, use it or say I’m sooo over this habit and move on.

Oh! Here’s a BRILLIANT idea!
The kits could be the gift!

This is brilliant because another CKQ tends to lose things, only to rediscover them long after the intended occasion has past. So, having a complete kit: fabric, notions, directions & pictures/sketches when CKQ finds it is great because it’s all there ready to go! If you want to, take it a step further by cutting the fabric and labelling the pieces.  (A gift for oneself works for me!)

Ideas: Let’s begin with PW Quilters August’s ideas…

Portable Ironing Pad
Can you imagine buying an iron for someone and making a portable ironing pad and an iron carrier for her? Or, same concept but a curling iron and case for a teenager?

Padded square box
Coffee mug cozy
Mason jar with Pin cushion top

Snap-closure pouches
The snap closure pouch uses a steel tape measure so be careful when cutting and rounding the ends. Also, lock the tape in place before cutting and easy access for the next cut.
Otherwise, you’ll need a screwdriver and a 4 year-old … just saying ….

Quilt kits: This year the guild’s unofficial theme is Scrappy so let’s go wild with Scrappy Happy.
Do you have fabric leftovers – big and small? Why not repurpose them and create quilt kits? Find a pattern or better yet, design your own pattern. Can you imagine your surprise when you rediscover this quilt kit on December 24th when you need that special gift?

Did you see Helen Cherry’s President’s Quilt? She took different blocks of multiple sized and somehow created a quilt that looks as though it came from a kit! How’d she do that? (I called her after writing this and found out. I digress... will report later so stay tuned.)

Other ideas:
Remember, gifts can be for daily use, Special Occasions, Holidays or Seasonal.

Wall hangings
Pillow Shams
Quilter’s Traveler’s Kit

Have a shape-cutting system? Make blocks kits (Sets of 12/24) or, instead of a Cookie Exchange, have a Fabrics Shapes Exchange. You do realize you can spin these ideas to create your own, don’t you? You already thought about having a Fabric Exchange just by reading Fabrics Shapes Exchange, didn’t you?
One CKQ wants a stripping party … fabric strips exchange …

Sewing kit for each machine. (Idea from a CKQ from earlier this year)
Create a set of cards for all occasions. Hint: get quality envelopes and request hand-cancelling at the post office. Ohhhhh, what about Flower Cards &/or holders for bouquets?

And don’t forget to keep your eyes open for ideas outside the fabric shop. Organizing containers are at fishing, hardware, and lumber stores; and even the grocery store. Check their prices. Wait for sales and clearance sales.
After all, you have time to track the best deals.

More Ideas:

Countdown (Advent) calendar
Circular purses
Table runners
Pin cushions

Does this get your juices flowing?

Ideas are great but acting on them is another BRILLIANT idea!

That’s an issue for some CKQs so this is one time I recommend to adjust my earlier phrase

Live your life just the way you are…  
with action toward completion.

Remember, making a list doesn’t mean  the job is done. It’s only the beginning of a great relationship …

Cactus Kilter Quilter