Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2015

123 Days

if anyone's counting...

until the Big Reveal!!!

That's how many days until November 2, 2015 when the 2015 Quilt Challenge is showcased. How's your challenge coming? What do you mean it's not done? Oh wait! The final piece of the puzzle will be revealed on July 6th at the monthly PWQ meeting. My bad....

To keep you on your toes, before the July meeting begins, a sharp dresser, I mean, a dress sharpener, ... 
No, no, no... I know a guy ... he's coming to sharpen scissors and knives ... if they're dull or someone used them for non-fabric cutting activities ...I'm not mentioning names Cactus Kilter Quilter's kin... 
Cost: $4/scissor, long blades cost extra; and knives are $.35/inch.

Half the year's gone!

How's your Quilts To-Do List? 

On track, behind, or ahead? 
Grab a glass of iced tea and look at your Quilts To-Do List. Make the necessary adjustments. It's okay to revise, rethink things. Do you need to add a birthday gift, holiday quilt, or surprise wedding/baby quilt to the list? Do you need to subtract a project because you're just not into it? Pack it up, and store it - if you're planning to finish it within X years or put it on the Give&Take table at your next meeting. Someone else might want to finish your UFQs.

LUV Quilts

Have you made your mandatory 16 LUV/Wounded Warrior quilts for the year? 

What do you mean, mandatory?
 Oh, you caught that, did you? CKQ is still keeping you on your toes... 
CKQ's such a liar! 
LUV quilts and Wounded Warrior quilts are made because the quilter wants  to make them. Period. When a quilt is done, bring it to the next PWQ meeting you attend, share it with the quilters and the quilt will travel into the arms of one who needs continuous hugs. 
Pueblo West Quilters held a couple Sew Days to create LUV/WW quilts using donated fabric and the Scrappity-do-dah pattern. Remember, you can have personal Sew Days to make LUV/WW quilts.

Look into your past to see what you've accomplished or need to complete. 
Look toward your future to see what you need to create. 
Be in the moment to do what needs to be done.

Cactus Kilter Quilter

PS. Don't forget about the LUV pillowcases! I mean, where's one to put their head when they're snuggling under a LUV quilt?!!!