Saturday, July 5, 2014

JUNE 2014

Due to 3 quilts+ finished by the end of May, June's been a month of regrouping for the Cactus Kilter Quilter. Okay, let's admit the truth. Procrastination and "Oh! A shiny ribbon." struck. 

This is why a monthly meeting is important for quilters. It's a time to set short term goals and share your quilts with the cheerleading squad. Every quilter is willing to celebrate your accomplishments and give hugs/suggestions for those tumbling blocks you encounter over the previous month.
CKQ didn't attend June's meeting, she thought two graduations in Minnesota was a bit more important; and thus, her monthly encouragement shot wasn't received. Some quilter asked how CKQ was able to produce the quilts in April and May. CKQ wrote a piece about motivation, goals, and conflicts, but it's buried somewhere in the vaults of her computer. (Just so you know, this CKQ also writes romance novels so she's well aware of characters needing goals, motivations to achieve their goals, and a great story always needs conflict to thwart the characters from achieving their goals.)
CKQ's inner conflict has been and will always be procrastination. Take this monthly blog for instance. CKQ thought about it and even wrote some notes about the June blog. But you'll notice, June's gone. Even the self-imposed ticking clock (having the blog written and sent to the quilting webmistress by the 15th of the month) didn't motivate CKQ to finishing the article. Nope, not even the PWQ's president.

PWQ president did motivate me! Here's what I wrote to her:
She asked, "Is there going to be a blog post for June?"

What can I say ..... no.

Somehow June turned into 1 day and now it's July. I did thought about writing a blog about motivation or procrastination. I even have something started ... never finished it.
I'm planning on attending the meeting on Monday. Alas, I'll begin anew...

Next thing CKQ knew, a blog was written. Dang these tricky mentors. Even when the heroine tries to refuse The Call to Adventure, a mentor says or does something to light a fire....
Now before you say, "I didn't know you wrote romances. What have you published?" I'll say, I write but nothing's finished. Therefore, there's nothing for you to read. I know. I know. People are waiting to read my books. Me too!
Oh! That's a pretty quilt!
Currently, I have a couple quilts on the cutting board and a Challenge quilt in pieces. How's your Challenge quilt coming along? Did I mention shiny objects?
So I'll see a few of you at Monday's meeting and maybe this CKQ will take her encouragement shot to get herself back in a producing mode...

Wagon wheel hit a prairie dog hole and the axle's bent,
Cactus Kilter Quilter