Sunday, September 4, 2011

President's News

Greetings and Salutations,
Here we are in September – our meeting date was pushed out to the
12th due to the Holiday.
Hooray for Holidays…not because of the change in the date but just because I like them. Hope you
have some fun things planned. When you are done with them you will have your guild meeting to look
forward to.
This month we will be welcoming Denise Hovey from Creative Cloth Closet in Canon City coming in to
share some fun things – she has some really cool ideas and things to share. I always like those
enthused people who have fun ideas. Even though sometimes I do not do them (it is that time element,
I am certain you all know about that ☺)
A reminder! We have the class for the Reheated Leftovers by Cyndi McChesney – remember the
program when she gave us all those wonderful things that we can do with all those bits, pieces, and
fabric ‘leftovers’ from previous projects that seem to grow exponentially in our fabric storage areas
and corners of the sewing rooms, in baskets and bins and paper bags with handles even . . . . well here
is the class that goes with – we had 27 who signed up as interested so you need to get signed up at the
meeting on the 12th the seats left available will then be put out to our sister quilters who were not
able to get a space in a class held for their guilds. Class to be held on Saturday 9/24, the cost is $20
that needs to be prepaid by the 12th of September.
Hey, have you been working on those Block of the Month blocks? I mean making the one for your quilt
at the end of the year – Do you remember that if you make one for yourself also that by the end of
the year you will have enough blocks for a quilt top of your own or one to give as a gift. You know the
question – How hard could that be? – well apparently it is hard because I myself need to do some catch
up so I will be ready to receive the last two blocks and assembly instructions in October and time to
be ready to show my creation with you all at the December Christmas Party meeting. That should be
exciting to see what each of us has done with the same pattern.
Our October Meeting will be Scott Beaver of Scott Beaver Designs, we are working on pulling
together a class – more information will be forthcoming at the September meeting as he will be
visiting us and doing a teaser (so to speak) then he will be off to Nebraska - busy people are usually
fun to listen to and learn from so-o-o-o-o on that note - more to come….
See ya’ at the meeting, Monday, the 3rd of October 2011, at Gabby’s Diner & Catering doors are open
at 6:30 p.m.
Now for the Statistics, Checklist, Upcoming events.

LUV Quilts 2011:
_0_ newly donated _64_ YTD
39 Quilts for Joplin (included above)
14 Bama Bound Quilts (included above)
LUV Pillowcases 2010:
_3_ newly donated _28_ YTD
9 pillowcases to Joplin (included above)
Wounded Warrior Quilts 2011:
_1_newly donated _13_ YTD
Member’s __37__ (includes 1 new)
Visitors & Non Members_44__

Meeting Checklist for Sep. Sep.:: ::
__Block of the Month
__Wounded Warrior Block
__Fat Qrtr (Fall Prints for Sep.)
__Your Badge
__Raffle Funds
__LUV Quilts
__LUV Pillowcases
__Sew and Share Items
__Notebook and Pen/Pencil

Refreshments Reminder for
September: SNACKS &
DRINKS: Faye Kimbell,
Jean McDonald and Chris