Wednesday, December 29, 2010

President's News & Secretary's Report

PWQ Guild Minutes

December 6th 2010

Christmas Party

At 6:30pm Vicki Becker welcomed the 55 members and one guest to the Christmas Party which was held at the Carriage House Restaurant, Pueblo.


Secretary Report approved by: Sue Longsdorf, 2nd by Betty Yergert

Treasurer Report approved by: Virginia Biggs, 2nd by Carla Wendler


New Business

It is proposed that the membership dues be increased from $24 to $25 annually. The due fees pay for guest speakers, July social, Christmas Party dinner and sundry supplies.


Motion: Mary Richardson, 2

nd Alta Swaine, motion carried.

Vicki gave a thank you to all that have contributed to the guild meetings this past year, including Patsy Morris and Evie Sheldon for writing the guild blog. Those who have helped set up for the meeting, brought refreshments and gave the BOM. Those who helped with the craft fair especially Katya Holen who took donated items to Denver to sell. To Carolyn Collette for collecting and distributing the pillowcases, also thank you to Judy Visalli for collecting and donating the luv quilts. Thank you to all PWQ members for a wonderful year.


A big thank you to the Christmas committee:

Jodi Gullo

Sue Longsdorf

Joey Snow

Caroline Nibble


A special thank you and personal gift was given by Vicki to each of the other board members:


  Jennifer Drake - Vice President

  Ronda Dobek - Treasurer

  Helen Cherry - Secretary


The 2011 board was introduced to the PWQ

  Evie Sheldon - President

  Barbara Martinez - Vice President

  Nina Stevens - Treasurer

  Carla Wendler - Secretary


Christmas Festivies began with games and dinner.


PWQ prizes were awarded to the following:


In house: Marilyn Rolen, Sandy Mcdonald, Marilyn Vigil

BOM: 32 blocks were given to Nina Stevens

FQ: 20 FQ were given to Joey Snow

Name Tag: Helen Cherry


President blocks were presented to Vicki Becker


BOM demonstrated by Bernie


The Luv quilt end of year prize was given to Rachael Ofer.


An enjoyable evening ended at 9pm

Minutes were reported by Helen Cherry for the December Meeting.