Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 6, 2009 Meeting


President Mary Richardson called the meeting to order at 7:00pm at the Ecumenical Church of Pueblo West. The first order of business Mary introduced the 2009 board members: Mary Richardson President, Patsy Morris Vice President, Vicki Becker Treasurer, and Crystal Martinez Secretary.
After welcoming one guest and FIVE new members and all returning members, Mary announced that the sign-ups for the 2009 committees were placed at the back of the room and reminded everyone to please sign up.


Katya Holen read the December's meeting notes. Approval of the meeting notes were motioned by Judy Visalli and 2nd by Joann Allen

Vicky Becker gave the start of the year Treasure's report with a balance of $1,495.41, which was accepted by Mattie Taylor and 2nd by Joann Allen.


Everyone was in agreement that the Christmas party was a GREAT success, the christmas committee did a great job!


Mary sent out an email concerning changing the day for this years meeting to the 1st Tuesday of each month. After a majority yes-response from members. The new executive board members voted to change the day. After a motion by Betty Yerget and 2nd by Kris Boder, a unanimous vote by present members; the day for all the 2009 PWQ meetings will be on the 1st Tuesday at 7pm.

Mary has spoken with the pastor about a donation quilt in exchange for rent, he has agreed. The topic will be discussed at the February meeting.

We also now have a corner at the church to store our items.
Mary found that there were several problems with the ads placed in The View, Happenings, and the Pueblo Chieftain. She hopes these are fixed before next meeting.

Patsy showed what we will be doing at next months meeting- Fabric Bowls. The board will be suppling the cord for the bowls. Eveyone who would like to participate please let the board members know. A supply list was provided, please bring 1" or 3/4" wide stripes for your bowls.

We will still be having a put-n-take table, but please take back your items if it is left.


We now have a separate sign in for LUV QUILTS. Violet Craddock will be handling this years LUV quilts, please put your name in for the drawing at the end of the year. We are also giving away charms for exchange of a LUV quilt.

Judy, Dawn, Patsy, and Crystal kicked off the year for LUV Quilts


The board has decided to limit the sew-n-share items to 3 items per person, due to the increasing size of the quild and to allow more time for guest speakers and work nights.

Carolyn Collette-donation quilt, 2 Quilts of Valor. Carolyn also mentioned she has received a total of 17 quilts for the Quilt of Valor.

Alta Swaine- Bento Box, 2 baby quilts

Katya Holen-potholders and a tortilla warmer

Patty Dunnington-moose wall hanging and a black lab paper pieced pillow.

Judy Visalli-baby quilt and a ducky quilt

Janet flick-mickey mouse american quilt

Leah Sanchez-salt water taffy mystery class quilt


Chris Magan was the winner of 21 colorful Annie's choice blocks

Katya Holen presented the February BOM-Heart block 12 1/2" unfinished to be done in either red or pink along with either white/ tone on tone


Mary ann McSchooler-name tag winner

Door prizes- Vicki Becker, Jean McDonald, and Berni Villanueva


Mary read a letter received from the Fisher House greatfully thanking for the generous walker bags donated to them for the returning injured solider of Iraqi Freedom

Mary Pretzer announce the annual M&M mystery retreat in Westcliffe this year, will be held the last weekend of April 25-27. Please see Mary Pretzer for more info.

Mary Richardson reminded everyone we still have the PWQ lapel pin for sale.

Mary adjorned the meeting for refreshments provided by the board members and for the LUV quilt work night.

Submitted by

Crystal Martinez, Secretary