Monday, June 9, 2008

June 2008

June meeting was called to order by president Mary Pretzer.

Block Exchange:

The blocks brought in by members were very interesting, in that the pattern only gave you the pieces and you could arrange them in any design your mind could contrive.

July's Block of the Month is Paper Lantern Blocks - these could be fun. It is always a bit surprising to see the differences in the blocks that each person brings in. Don't forget to do your block and join in for your chance to take all the pretty blocks home.

Sew and Share:

Yet another month of a pelethora of amazing creations. It is always a joy and inspiration to see all that is accomplished by the Pueblo West Quilters....check out the pictures on our shutterfly site LINK is at the bottom of the page.

Guest Speaker/demonstration by Lynn Mattingly:

Lynn Mattingly, free motion embroidery quilter was another inspiration. She was very easy to interact with and shared very easily and freely. Answered questions and all in all made it look easy and doable by any of us. Of course, practice, practice, practice - but we could certainly do that on LUV quilts....speaking of (see the next section)

LUV Quilts:

We were blessed to have many quilts donated this month, to be given out to those who need some comfort and warmth in their lives.

July 7th 2008 Meeting

We will have an ice cream social and work night at the July meeting. You will need NINE different fabrics ( fat quarters) that play well together. Cut nine 4 1/2" squares from each of the nine fabrics making 81 - 4 1/2" squares. Bring them and all sewing essentials to the July meeting and be ready to sew.

The afore promised URL to more June Meeting Pictures :